Heading 1

Heading 1


Tri-State Elite Umpires Association​​

May 5th 2015

Plate Umpire:
Joe Umpire
Base Umpire:
Bob Umpire
Home Team:
New York Yankees
Away Team:
Philadelphia Phillies

Describe any situation that led up to the ejection:

In the top of the first inning, Jason Player took two pitches for called strikes and stepped out of the box, uttering, “f***ing bullshit” while gesturing towards me. I walked around to the front of home plate and while brushing of the plate told Player, “We’re not doing that today, if you have an issue, let me know the right way, I’m not showing you up, don’t show me up.” I returned to my position behind the plate. Player singled to left field on the next pitch.
Describe the reason for action taken and any unusual circumstances:

I called Jason Player out on strikes. He turned and took two aggressive steps towards me saying, “That pitch is outside and you have been calling it a strike all day.” I removed my mask and told Player, “I’m giving you one chance to walk away and go back to the dugout, otherwise I am going to be forced to eject you.” He did not respond, but held his position in front of me and did not return to the dugout. Player was ejected from the game. 

Partner's Comments (If Applicable):
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