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Tri-State Elite Umpires Association​​

What Coaches & Umpires Are Saying About TSEUA

The TSE Umpire Association has been a spectacular group of men to work with during my many years of coaching and running a TSE travel team. Their group of umpires are seasoned, know the game of baseball, always conduct themselves in a very professional manner, are energetic, work extremely hard on the field of play, have maintained excellent working relationships with the coaches, and always look out for
the well-being of our players!
-Jack M.
(Washington Township 18u)
Thank you again for a stress-free season! We have been using your umpiring services for the past three spring and fall seasons and have never had an issue. My fellow coaches and I have always found your umpires to be professional, courteous and punctual. We will certainly be using your services again this coming season.
Keep up the good work!
-Tom A.
(Cherry Hill Youth Athletic Association)
I am president of the SJMSBL, we have been using the Tri-State Elite Umpire Association for a number of years. We have teams in South and Central Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The association handles all games and there is never an issue with umpire attendance at any game. There is strong communication between the group and myself. They will always get us coverage for games no matter the circumstance. The league has grown over the past few years and the Tri-State Elite Umpire Association has grown with us. The umpires are professional during the game and give our players the utmost respect. If at any times there is an issue this is communicated to me within 24 hours and we work together to solve the issue. This group is also used at the High School I coach at Camden Catholic and we too are very pleased with them. With every passing year as the group grows, they do not lose their integrity and do an excellent job. I strongly recommend them and I am always available to give them the testimony they deserve!

- Lou Marshall (President SJMSBL)

John Gallante has always been extremely responsive to our umping needs. The umps he has assigned to our games always showed up on time and did an excellent job managing our games. I would highly recommend John and his group of umpires. Thank you
-Jerry Janove  (12u SJ Storm)

" John and his organization have been a pleasure to work with over the years.  John has been extremely communicative with us and his umpires have always been very knowledgeable about the game and the rules"
-Mark J. (Seneca War Eagles)
TSE Assignor, John Gallante, has openly pledged to build our TSE
Umpires Association into the biggest and very best Umpire group in the
entire State of New Jersey.
Through his extraordinary
professionalism, strict attention to detail, his extensive
experience as an Umpire himself and a long series of valuable/beneficial off-season
training sessions for both new and veteran Umpires, John Gallante has created a very
large organization of highly trained and skilled Umpires to put out on the baseball/softball
fields throughout NJ and parts of PA and Delaware.
The remarkable exponential growth in the total number of Umpires, the overall number of
travel/recreational leagues and Tournaments serviced by TSE as well as the number of games
covered by TSE annually is a direct reflection of John Gallante's hard work, leadership and
management style. His unique ability to recruit and train new Umps and his ability to attract
veteran Umpires to join TSE has enabled him to be within easy reach of his goal to have the
biggest, best and most highly skilled/trained group of Umpires in NJ.
If there are any better Umpires elsewhere, they are probably already working full-time for
Major League Baseball!
It is a pleasure and honor to have been a long-time member of this professional association
and I have thoroughly enjoyed my friendship and working relationship with John Gallante,
who always continues to impress me with his baseball knowledge, training techniques and
management of this organization.
-Rich Glazer (Umpire #32)

We have been a part of the TSE league since our inaugural season in the spring of 2014.  During that time we have used the TSE umpire association assigned by John Gallante.  Over that time, the experience, not only with John, but also with the umpires themselves has been a positive experience.
The process in which to get umpires assigned to our fields could not be simpler.  An email is all it takes.  I always follow up with a confirmation around the week before our games and I receive a response within 24 hours, usually sooner.  I've called John to resolve issues on our end due to field changes, or game times and it is NEVER an issue.  He is always courteous, cooperative and very professional.
The umpires that are assigned to our games are extremely aware of the rules and are prompt to the game times.  They control the game and make the calls to the best of their ability.  Over time we have had some repeat umpires and they not only speak on a personal level to me, but they treat my players with the utmost respect.  Although they are in a competitive atmosphere, the umpires always handle every situation in a controlled manner.  I have not had any  heated conversations with any of the umpires.  If I do not agree with a call, I am always granted an explanation as to why it was made.  I've been..
wrong myself. 
I would highly recommend the use of the TSE association assigned by John Gallante. If there are any questions or concerns or if I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me.  
-Dave Cericola (Delco Diamonds)

The TSE umpires have always done a nice job. They are professional, well trained and always on time. The communication with John Gallante has always been smooth and painless, looking forward to working with John's team in the upcoming seasons.
-Jim Kreston (NJ Black Sox)
"John and the other experienced umpires bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for the game to the field.  As a first time umpire, I've been trying to gain the tools to confidently and properly call a game and the TSE cadet course has delivered.  John provides a hands on training experience that has taught me correct umpiring mechanics, how to make crisp and decisive calls, and how to handle situations in a professional manner.  John states that the goal of the each training session is to continually strive for improvement. So if you are an experienced umpire looking to improve or an aspiring umpire looking to learn, I'd recommend this course for you.
-Anthony L. (TSE Cadet)
I've used John and his association's umpires the last few seasons, and the experience has been excellent.  I only need to submit a schedule once for the season.  Umpires show up on time and are very good.  John works with you on schedule changes and has never told me he couldn't get an umpire.
-Bob Wordelmann
The training class I attended was very well done. You covered a lot of key things and situations that do happen quite frequently. I take my umpiring very seriously and your classes will help all umpires that attended. Thanks again for taing the time to make sure our umpire association is the best there is!
- Frank Pagano (Umpire)
 John, once again I want to say how good the Umpire was today. He was even helping kids as the game went on. You have a class act my friend.

- Dante (South Philly Saints)

I have had the pleasure of having the TSE umpires work not only our youth program, but our men's league team as well. Their knoweledge of the game rules at all age levels puts them above all other associations. Games move without delay, conflicts are always settled peacefully, and a respect for the game we all love is displayed by all of the umpires I have had thus far. I have also witnessed first hand the time spent on training cadets. Very thorough and live play training definitely give them the edge to succeed.
-Tommy Whelan (Assault Baseball)
We have had five games and I must comment on the friendly, professional and positive manner that the umpires from the TSE have displayed.

- Derek (SJ Surf)

 John Gallante is the President and Assignor of the Tri-State Elite Umpires Association.If you think umpire assigning and training is an old man's business, think again. John is only 25 years old, making him the youngest umpire assignor in New Jersey. Under John's watch, the TSEUA has grown from 15 members and 500 games to over 200 umpires and over 18,000 games, making the TSEUA the largest umpires association in the state of New Jersey. The association has acquired baseball ranging from little-leaguers to semi professionals after striking a deal with South Jersey Men's Senior Baseball League in 2014. John also runs the cadet and advanced training program for the TSEUA, which is widely regarded as one of the best umpire training programs in the region. In addition to his duties with the TSEUA, John is also a state certified high school umpire for the Tri-County Umpires Association and serves as the Chairman of their mechanics training committee. John has taken the Tri-State area by storm and has become the "go to guy" for umpires in the area for all levels.​​

- Athletication.com
"Thank you again for your service and professionalism. As always it is a pleasure to work with an organization that truly knows what they are doing and have a passion to make sure it is right the first time around."

-Shaun Maguire
(President SJ Spartans)

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the incredible way your association handles umpiring
each and every one of our tournaments for the last 3 seasons. With the numerous problems that come
with running tournaments, one thing I never worry about - your staff being there on time every game and we have never been without an assigned umpire.
Your staff is always courteous and polite and if and when a problem arises, they handle themselves in a
professional manner.
You adjust to whatever situation arises, from adding games at the last minute to making huge changes in the schedule due to rain. I always know you will make sure everyone of our changes are covered. I cannot even imagine using another umpire association.
So on behalf of the SJ Rams, thank you for taking care of all our umpiring needs! Sincerely,

-Pat Bruno
-President, SJ Rams

The TSEUA contains a bunch of organized and professional individuals.  The men who umpire our games know the game of baseball and they are also great people.  We have been using them as our umpire association for about three years now and we have been very pleased with their product.  Every year we host a lot of games and ask a lot of these guys and they always get the job done.  We hope to continue our relationship with TSEUA for many years to come.

-Gary Wilson (Perfect Game Super 25)


"You guys are the best, I highly recommend the TSEUA for anyone out there looking for top notch, professional and knowledgeable Umps. If you're not using them already you're missing the boat !!!!"

- Glenn Wyatt
(War at the Shore Tournament Director)


"John - thanks so much for assigning The Kings Christian Tournament this weekend! All of the guys did a great job! I actually had three different head coaches come up to me during the weekend and comment on the quality of the umpires. One coach even said his team "has been together 3 years, and this is the 1st tournament they have been in where they had no complaints about the umpiring!"

-Rob Andrey

(King's Christian Baseball)