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Tri-State Elite Umpires Association


Uniform Policy 

 Approved Uniform
  • Charcoal Gray Umpire Pants
  • Navy, Powder Blue or Black TSEUA Umpire Shirt
  • Navy or Black Umpire Hat (Worn forward at all times) 
  • Black Belt 
  • Black Socks (Must come above the ankle) 
  • Navy Ball Bags (Worn with navy or powder blue shirt)
  • Black Ball Bags (Worn with black shirt) 
  • Plate Shoes 
  • Black or predominantly black base shoes
1. Wearing another association's insignia is strictly forbidden.
2. All umpire pull overs must have a TSE Umpires Association patch. 
3. Undershirts must match the color of the shirt you're wearing or the color of the trim on your sleeve and/or collar.
4. Shoes must be cleaned/shined before each game. 
Black Shirt= Black Ball Bag and Hat
Navy/Powder Blue Shirt= Navy Ball Bag and Hat
*Both Umpires in a two man crew must wear matching colors. 
NO: Cleats, Workboots, Heather Gray Pants, Backwards Hats, Gray Ball Bags, Plate Eqiupment on the bases (ball bags, plate shoes, etc.), White Socks.
First Offense: E-Mail/Phone Conference Warning (Assignor)
Second Offense: (7) Day Suspension 
Third Offense: (21) Day Suspension
Fourth Offense: Removal from TSE Umpires Association for a period of one year, afterwhich application may be made to the Disciplinary Board for possible reinstatement.